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We make beautiful and exquisite customized candles for all celebrations and occasions. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES! Your soothing zodiac candle is 20% OFF** We also sell WHOLESALE!

Celebrate Season is Here

Posted by Ferrera on 4/13/2018
Celebrate Season is Here
It's that time of season for celebrating!  Proms, Graduations, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Weddings...you name it!  Let's get the party and season started with hugs, kisses and gifts everywhere.  Celebriscents, the small company that celebrates people, places and lifestyles through aromatherapy could assist you with fun scented candles for your special occasion and marketing needs.  Visit:  www.Celebriscents.com to view a variety of fun, creative candle scents you could personalize.  Celebriscents!  We celebrate it all!  Visit us at:  www.Celebriscents.com.

Graduation Time

Posted by Celebriscents on 6/21/2016
It's Graduation time!  As well as the season for weddings, barbecues, beaches and all the fun gift-giving occasions.  Thinking of a warm gift or a great idea to hand to your guests and/or clients?  Visit Celebriscents!  Celebriscents is the small and growing company that celebrates People, Places and Lifestyles through Aromatherapy.  Celebriscents specializes in unique and exquisite personalized scented soy and gel candles.  Celebriscents' warm candles make great gifts for bridal parties, clients, and for your marketing and promotional needs.  Have a SCENTsational time just by perusing Celebriscents' website.  Visit:  www.Celebriscents.com

Marketing & Promotions

Posted by Celebriscents on 4/4/2016
Marketing & Promotions
Promoting and Marketing your Business not only exposes who and what you are, and tells people where to find you.

Gifts and Favors

Posted by Celebriscents on 2/22/2016
Gifts and Favors are always a thoughtful way to say thank you to your guests

It's Always Gift-Giving Time

Posted by Founder on 1/7/2016
No matter the Holiday...It's always gift giving time on any given day.

Cheap Holiday Gifts

Posted by Celebriscents on 11/9/2015
Looking for Cheap Holiday Gifts?

Fall Season Soon Approaching

Posted by Administrator on 9/14/2015
Fall Season is here. Pumpkin pies, Cranberry Marmalade and sitting by the fire.

Better Yourself for the New Year with Aromatherapy

Posted by Administrator on 1/21/2015
Better Yourself for the New Year with Aromatherapy
Make new changes to better yourself for the New Year

Money Drawing Candle

Posted by Candle Lover on 12/16/2014
Money Drawing Candle
Money, money, money. People who love money $$.

Holiday Gifts for Friends and Colleagues

Posted by Celebriscents on 11/28/2014
The Holiday gift-giving season is here! Every Holiday season is a time for joy, and a time to exchange warm thoughts and presents. I bet you have been wondering what type of gifts to give your friends and colleagues that won’t break your budget.

Cool great small gifts for the Holidays

Posted by Administrator on 11/13/2014
I bet you are stuck looking for that perfect, but small gift for your friends, colleagues or family member that is hard to shop for. 
 STOP your search, and simply visit: www.Celebriscents.com.  This is the company that celebrates People, Places and Lifestyles through Aromatherapy. 

Why Soy Candle Scents?

Posted by Soy Lover on 9/9/2014
Why Soy Candle Scents?

Back to School great gifts for teachers, colleagues, schoolmates and more…

Posted by Apple lover... on 8/23/2014
Back to School great gifts for teachers, colleagues, schoolmates and more…

Summer Breeze

Posted by Administrator on 7/30/2014
Summer Breeze

Remember the popular early 1970’s song, “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Croft?  You don’t have to be in your 50’s to remember the song; many radio stations today still play the favorite Rock n’ Roll classic that puts a warm smile on your face.


Anyway, it is summer and what better way to enjoy and lift your spirits by having a delightful and memorable summer breeze in your surroundings. 

Wedding Season is here, and time for Personalized Gifts

Posted by Wedding Specialist on 6/21/2014
Wedding Season is here, and time for Personalized Gifts
Yes! It’s wedding season in the United States. The majority of weddings take place around late spring and summer. According to The Knot, the go-to website for all wedding information, most parts of the United States, the "deep" winter months -- January, February, and March -- are the least popular for weddings (June, August, September, and October are the most popular.

Men Love Things That Smell Good Too

Posted by Blogger on 6/6/2014
Men Love Things That Smell Good Too
Men Love Things That Smell Good Too

Which Celebrity Shares Your Birthday?

Posted by Administrator on 5/10/2014
Which Celebrity Shares Your Birthday?

What do you know about Marijuana?

Posted by Weed-Lover on 5/8/2014
What do you know about Marijuana?

Celebrity News

Posted by Candle Lover on 4/9/2014
Who is not celebrity driven these days? Did you know many well-known companies today use the endorsement of celebrities to drive their company to handsome sales, or use celebrity status to further expose their businesses, establishments or products?

Add Spring Candle Scents to your Spring Cleaning

Posted by Candle Lover on 3/16/2014
Add refreshing and revitalizing spring candle scents to your spring cleaning. Clean out the attic, throw out stuff from your garage and dust out the closets, as well as bag-up those clothes that you wish you could still fit in. After you are done with your spring cleaning, you will not only feel relieved.

Using Candles to Add Sweet Smells in Your Home

Posted by Ruth on 2/18/2014
When you think of the idea of home, very few people envision a cold place that smells bad. Home is a warm, comforting place that is full of delicious aromas. There are many ways to bring this thought to life, but one of the easiest ways is to fill your home with candles.

Creating a Keepsake Wedding Gift for Your Friends

Posted by Carlos on 2/18/2014
Create a unique gift to thank your friends for celebrating your big day. With the months of assistance your friends give you, show them you care with a personalized gift on the day of your wedding. Design a keepsake wedding gift for your friends that shows your appreciation without breaking the bank.

Tin or Glass Containers?: Choosing Your Scented Candles

Posted by Ruth on 2/11/2014
Smell is a powerful sense. Though often overlooked, a particular scent influences your mood and triggers memory, whether your nose detects the aroma of tropical flowers on a gentle breeze or the smell of your family's favorite holiday treat baking in the oven. Scented candles set a mood when you are entertaining guests or relaxing alone with the simple gesture of lighting a votive. After selecting your scent, choose between the beauty of a glass candle container or the durability of tin.

Candles are romantic gifts too!

Posted by Administrator on 1/28/2014
Wondering what type of gift to give on the most romantic day of the year?  As you know, Valentine's Day is a day to show your most romantic side.  When we say romantic, we don't mean the usual dinner and a movie, or a bouquet of roses for your sweetheart or a piece of jewelry. 
These are gifts you can just run to the store or the restaurant and not put so much thought into.  Not to mention, these are lame traditional suggestions the majority of people come up with.  "Same ole!"  "Same ole!"
Why not try something different and unique that will surprise your sweetheart and make him/her feel extra special.  How exciting it sounds when someone asks you, "What did you do for Valentine's Day or for your Birthday?"  You astonishly answer, "Oh my sweetie gave me a beautiful red scented, soy candle with a very romantic scent that came with a personalized label that read, "Happy Valentine's Day Michelle" 
WOW!  Wasn't that amazing?  Believe it or not, something as simple as a candle can be just as romantic, especially if it is customized...meaning you took time and put thought into gift.
One soothing and unique candle company, that can assist you in making this fun and romantic gesture is Celebriscents.  Visit their website and view their creative scents that will put a smile on your face.
Celebriscents is a New York-based small company that can assist you in personalizing your candle scents, personal messages, wedding favors and corporate gifts.  Sniff around the website and trust you will enjoy what the creative company offers. Visit:  www.Celebriscents.com

January is a Depressing Month

Posted by Aromatherapy on 1/11/2014
Feeling a little down this time a year? No worries...you are not the only one. It is a true and known fact that January is a month that can bring some sorrow and depression. This is so because, for one...the fun exciting Holidays are over, football season is closing, January usually brings gloom and doom weather with longer nights, and hibernating season and reality sets in. Moreover, according to researchers and psychologists, the first Monday of year, is the most depressing day of the year. Did you know that this is a fact because divorces are highest in January, companies start fresh by cutting jobs, and the sun does not come out much in the month of January. What can you do to get through this tough month? For one, lighting up Aromatherapy candles can sure help a lot. Not to mention, candles are very soothing and cost-effective. It is way cheaper than visiting a therapist. Aromatherapy candles can either revitalize, rejuvenate and bring about soothness and a stress-free feel. Candles also with essential oils can also do the trick of beating up depression. One candle company that boasts fun, soothing creative scented candles is Celebriscents. Check out the clever variety soy scents the New York-based Company has to offer. Visit www.Celebriscents.com
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