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We make beautiful and exquisite customized candles for all celebrations and occasions. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES! Your soothing zodiac candle is 20% OFF** We also sell WHOLESALE!

A BIG STAR IS BORN (Ylang Yland and Vanilla Scented Soy Candle)

ONLY $12.00
This beautiful and classy 6-inch large star-shaped glass bowl will light up any grand occasion. The candle scent has the traditional fragrance worn by women with class, embodying pure essence of garden flower mixed with animal musk and some jasmine notes. Basically, the candle aroma is a mix of ylang ylang, neroli, some rose and jasmine, and a finish of sandalwood and vanilla. A feel and scent of the roaring 1920's. A touch of sexualism, but with class. After using this exquisite candle bowl and scent, you can keep the bowl and use as a dipping bowl, jewelry holder, ashtray or anything you wish...remember you are THE STAR! A Big Star is Born! Also visit: www.Celebriscents.com for more exciting aromatherapy products.