When you think of the idea of home, very few people envision a cold place that smells bad. Home is a warm, comforting place that is full of delicious aromas. There are many ways to bring this thought to life, but one of the easiest ways is to fill your home with candles.

Selecting the appropriate scent is vital to your success in creating a homey environment. There is no right or wrong scent; just select the scent that speaks to you the most. For some people, home smells like café con leche; for other people, home smells more like citrus. There is no rule that says you have to purchase only one scent, but if you use multiple candles, make sure they complement one another. Coffee and vanilla scents go well together, but coffee and lemon scents do not.

Once you have the candles that meet your desires, place them with care. An ocean breeze or laundry scent is probably not the best choice for the kitchen, just as a baked bread candle does not go well in the bathroom. Place your candles in appropriate locations that correspond with their scents. However, if you buy candles that are not room specific, just make sure to put them in rooms that are frequently enjoyed; the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom are all appropriate locations.

Candles are extremely versatile in that they add a lot of ambiance while providing a pleasing aroma that creates a sense of home. Select the scents that you enjoy most while making sure they go together well. If you are not the kind of person that wants to worry about the risk of fire, wax melts in a warmer provide an excellent alternative, and they still leave your home smelling sweet.