Smell is a powerful sense. Though often overlooked, a particular scent influences your mood and triggers memory, whether your nose detects the aroma of tropical flowers on a gentle breeze or the smell of your family's favorite holiday treat baking in the oven. Scented candles set a mood when you are entertaining guests or relaxing alone with the simple gesture of lighting a votive. After selecting your scent, choose between the beauty of a glass candle container or the durability of tin.

When choosing between glass and tin, the main considerations are practicality and visual presentation. Glass containers let the color of your candle shine through and provide light while your candle flame dances. Glass also comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including novel forms such as martini glass candles and star-shaped votives. Tin containers lack the visual impact that glass offers, though many are decorated with attractive printed labels. However, tin is more practical than glass. Durable tin containers are stackable, storable and easy to throw in your bag when traveling. Tin is also a great heat conductor; the metal warms more quickly than glass, which helps the scent to waft into the air. The downside is that tin containers get hot, so be careful when you move a candle that is already burning. Unlike tin, when glass containers get extremely hot, they are susceptible to shattering. Keep an eye on your glass candle when it starts to burn low, and blow it out before the flame touches the bottom of the container. Otherwise, the direct heat may crack the glass.

Collectors of scents and frequent travelers are well-served by practical tin containers, which are durable and easy to store. Hostesses creating the perfect centerpiece or decorating with the rich colors of their candles appreciate the presentation of a beautiful glass container. Whichever you choose, remember to place the lid on your scented candle when not in use to preserve the aroma.