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THE BIG APPLE (Apple and Peel Scented Soy Candle)
Apple and Peel scent with a sharp cinnamon twist and hint of florals in 4 oz. Tin Container ($6.00) or 6 oz. Tureene Glass Container ($8.00)

THE BIG APPLE (Apple and Peel Scented Soy Candle)

ONLY $6.48

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The Big Apple Scented Soy Candle
4 oz Tin Container [+$6.00]
6 oz Tureen Glass [+$6.79]
You guessed it! Of course you will smell some apples. But just like the big city, you have some good and bad apples, as well as a sweet floral/rich scent representing its glitzy side. Oh yeah! There is a sharp cinnamon twist inside soy candle too.  All the city glamour in a 4 oz. Tin Container, or in 6 oz. beautiful turene glass container. The glass container Big Apple Scent contains dabs of Grapefruit essential oils.
You can't get more New York than this great scented soy treasure.  The Big Apple Soy Scented candle offers a robust, yet warm Apple and Peel aroma.  It's New York for you.  This warm apple scent is rich and genuine, not to mention the great souvenir for New York Tourist, or just anyone.