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Spicy Red-Hot Cinnammon Scent in 4 oz. Tin
Spicy Red-Hot Cinnammon Scent in 4 oz. Tin

BAD SANTA (Spicy Cinnamon Holiday Scented Soy Candle)

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This spicy cinnamon Christmas/Holiday scent is fun and spunky at the same time. You will get the spunky, red-hot cinnamon candy scent, mixed with sweet Holiday notes. It's definitely BAD SANTA. This great fresh hot-red cinnamon scent comes in travel size 4 oz. tin container. This is the Bad Santa who drinks wine, and delivers gifts a little late. Though, this naughty scent is spicy and deliciously entertaining. Not only great for the Holidays and Parties, but for any spicy occasion. This is one true Spicy Cinnamon, Wine Scented Soy Candle.