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BOBBY DINERO (Money-Drawing Cash Scented Soy Candle)
Clean ca$h, money-scented soy candle in 4 oz. tin container

BOBBY DINERO (Money-Drawing Cash Scented Soy Candle)

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Money! Money! Money! This green-colored, money-drawing scented candle is the actual scent of DINERO/MULAH/MONEY/EURO/PESOS! This money aroma is a unisex fragrance all the way! The scent is sharp and crisp, just like the handful of money the bank teller handed to you. Great candle for the person who loves money. Lighting this robust candle, you can literally say you have MONEY to burn! Comes in a handsome 4 oz. metal tin container.
You won't believe how good money smells after burning this candle.  This is one great, fresh and clean soft musky scent of money, moolah, cash, dinero, yen, euros, etc.  This is the perfect gift for the money lover. You can also place your lottery ticket, resume, etc. under this exquisite candle and help attract money. Now burn some money!