Of course men love things that smell good. Who doesn’t? You may think scented candles are only for women, but you’d be surprised how many manly men buy aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is practically good for everybody. As for men, Celebriscents, the creative scented candles company that not only sells unique candle scents, but personalizes your candles as well, claims that most of their buyers online are MEN. “Surprisingly, a lot of our online customers for our candles are men across the United States,” said Celebriscents CEO & Founder, Ruthy Ferrera. “Men mostly purchase our top seller, The Feel Alright, Weed/Marijuana scented candle,” Ferrera continued. Men, not only purchase scented candles for their homes/apartments/garage, but buy scented candles for their loved ones, and purchase aromatherapy as gifts too. Speaking of gifts, a scented candle would be a thoughtful gift for Dads and Grads this year. For warm and unique scented candles, visit: www.Celebriscents.com