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We make beautiful and exquisite customized candles for all celebrations and occasions. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPRICORN! Your soothing zodiac candle is 20% OFF** We also sell WHOLESALE!
LEO Scented Soy Candle
Light yellow color and rose-based sweet and roaring scent in 6 oz Tin

LEO Scented Soy Candle

ONLY $9.00
(EXUBERANCE) SCENT: Noble Leo's rose-based fragrance reflects the bravery and strength of this royal and elegant fire sign. Scent is sweet and fiery. (You'll Roar! with this 6 oz. scent)
This light fiery, scented hand-poured soy candle truly represents the star that LEO is.  The scent is calming, soft and soothing.  This would be the quiet warm side of the ferocious and attention-seeking LEO.  The soy scent is of soft light yellow roses and tiny notes of patchouli hidden.  This candle is perfect for those born under the Zodiac sign, LEO.  That would be:  Barack Obama, Madonna, Tim Tebow, Halle Berry and Sean Penn. 

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