Feeling a little down this time a year? No worries...you are not the only one. It is a true and known fact that January is a month that can bring some sorrow and depression. This is so because, for one...the fun exciting Holidays are over, football season is closing, January usually brings gloom and doom weather with longer nights, and hibernating season and reality sets in. Moreover, according to researchers and psychologists, the first Monday of the year, is the most depressing day of the year. Did you know that this is a fact because divorces are highest in January, companies start fresh by cutting jobs, and the sun does not come out as much in the month of January. What can you do to get through this tough month? For one, lighting Aromatherapy candles can sure help a lot. Not to mention, candles are very soothing and cost-effective. It is way cheaper than visiting a therapist. Aromatherapy candles can either revitalize, rejuvenate and bring about soothness and a stress-free feel. Candles with essential oils can also do the trick of beating up depression. One candle company that boasts fun, soothing creative scented candles is Celebriscents. Check out the clever variety soy scents the New York-based Company has to offer. Visit www.Celebriscents.com Wishing you good health and joy. Now tell us what you do to push stress away from your life?