Holidays got you down? Can't wait til the New Year? You would be surprised how easy you can escape the Holidays. Are you stuck in November or December? Step away and just light a summery and soothing beach-scented candle like: Sea-Natra, The Hamp-Tins and Tin-berLake. You can get all these soothing scented joy scents from This is the company that celebrates People, Places and Lifestyles through Aromatherapy. It is a true fact that certain smells, fragrances and colorful scents can escape you. So if you want to temporarily escape the Holidays, enter into a warm beach by lighting a gentle scented candle. Light a candle that has nothing to do with the Holidays. It can be a coffee scented candle or preferably, a beach and summer scented soy joy. This would do the trick! Now light your candle, let it permeate through your room, close your eyes and relax.