The Holiday gift-giving season is here! Every Holiday season is a time for joy, and a time to exchange warm thoughts and presents. I bet you have been wondering what type of gifts to give your friends and colleagues that won’t break your budget. Warm and gentle soothing soy scented candles would be a great and perfect idea. Celebriscents, the small New York-based company that celebrates People, Places and Lifestyles through Aromatherapy would be a good place to start. Celebriscents carry a variety of fun and entertaining soothing soy and gel scented candles that fit the lifestyles of many. Celebriscents carry fun candle scents like: “Bobby Dinero” that smells of clean cash money, “Lady Cranberry Marmalade,” that smells of delicious old-fashioned cranberry marmalade, and “The HampTins,” a gorgeous, sexy summery scented candle that smells of a rich beach, (Coconut and Lemon Verbena) These scents, as well as the luxurious and natural soaps Celebriscents carry are not only the perfect and easy gift, but fun and affordable. Visit: and check out the fun variety of candles this small and intriguing company adorns.