Ever had a party, gathering a get-together, and people went out of their way to show up?  Didn't that make you feel good?  Since your guests went out of their way to attend your festivities, why not thank them with a little trinket, a thoughtful little gift?  Now this is where gifts and favors step into play.  Celebriscents, the company that celebrates People, Places and Lifestyles through Aromatherapy specializes in helping you thank your guests with creative scented products perfect for gift-giving.  Celebriscents have fun, creative scented soy candles that mimic people's Zodiac sign personality, as well as people's favorite celebrities, places and lifestyles.  

Celebriscents today carry a best-selling Marijuana Scented Soy candle named, "Feel Alright," as well as another best-seller, the masculine "Cognac and Cubans" scented soy candle.  The celebrated and growing company also boasts fun candles names "SeaNatra" which has a beautiful and soothing ocean scent, as well as "Bread Pit" which has a heartwarming scent of fresh baked bread.  Celebriscents also personalizes these thoughtful small gifts,  These small gifts are also perfect for traveling.  Always give!  In the future, you will wind up getting more.  

When gift-giving or having a special occasion or marketing event, think of www.Celebriscents.com