Fall Season is here. Pumpkin pies, Cranberry Marmalade and sitting by the fire. It is also the comforting time to light scented candles to enhance and warm up your home. Scented candles, especially candles that offer essential oils and Aromatherapy is best way to relax and feel warm and cuddly. A company that can help soothe your warm surroundings is Celebriscents. This is the company that celebrates People, Places and Lifestyles through Aromatherapy. Celebriscents offer a great array of fun scented soy and gel candles with the-most clever names. Celebriscents not only have scented candles for the home, but create exquisite, custom-made candle scents for special occasions, fun party favors and for marketing events. Check out: www.Celebriscents.com. Find them on Facebook. You won't be disappointed.