Create a unique gift to thank your friends for celebrating your big day. With the months of assistance your friends give you, show them you care with a personalized gift on the day of your wedding. Design a keepsake wedding gift for your friends that shows your appreciation without breaking the bank.

Give the gift of a beautiful-smelling home with a personalized scented candle and candleholder. Create a candle that smells like the favorite wine on girls’ night out or the couple's favorite vacation destination with scents such as Chardonnay or tropical scents reminiscent of the honeymoon. Make sure to label the accompanying candleholder with your names and the date of the wedding for your friends to cherish in the future.

With all of the arrangements before the wedding, it is easy to put off the purchase of your keepsakes until the last minute. Find a simple gift when you are short on time with a photograph coaster. Simply order a heavy glass coaster, and insert your favorite couples picture. Make sure to choose a theme that represents the love you share with your partner to create a lasting memory. Personalized coasters are a quick way to create memorable last-minute gifts, especially if you buy them in bulk for your entire wedding party.

Choose a small, personalized keepsake for your wedding gift to your friends. Buy items that stay within your overall wedding budget but that have a personal touch. Remember that many people aid in the experience of your big day. Thank them with an affordable personal keepsake that reminds them of your wedding.