Who is not celebrity driven these days? Did you know many well-known companies today use the endorsement of celebrities to drive their company to handsome sales, or use celebrity status to further expose their businesses, establishments or products? Well, there is nothing wrong with that. You may think there is something wrong with that, but meanwhile you are probably wearing something with a celebrity’s name written all over it, or at least listening to something by a great artist, or even can’t wait to get home to watch one of your favorite show that stars one of your favorite people. Either way, you are stuck with a celebrity one way or the other. Speaking of celebrities, Celebriscents is a fun, New York-born small scented candle company that celebrates people, places and lifestyles through aromatherapy. If you like scented candles and celebrities, check out Celebriscents at www.Celebriscents.com; and check out cool soothing soy candles like: “James Brownie,” which smells of delicious brownies. The “Bun-Jovi” scented candle smells of Cinnamon Buns. Then Celebriscents have “Melon Monroe,” which has a soft soothing, sexy scent of Cantaloupe and melons…Mmmm! Visit the website to see other great, exotic candles. Celebriscents also has cocktail scented candles like the fruity “Sangria,” yummy “Cosmopolitan” and bubbly “Champagne.” Many New Yorkers rave for these candles…and you will too.