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Marijuana/Weed smelling 4 oz. and 6 oz.Tin Candle
Marijuana/Weed smelling 4 oz. and 6 oz.Tin Candle

'FEEL ALRIGHT' (Weed/Marijuana Scented Soy Candle)

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Mary Jane, Marijuana Scented Candles

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This 4 oz. Tin Container soy candle has the actual scent of the smoked Marijuana/Cannabis plant. It is a fun/novelty smell, but you will think someone is smoking the "joint" in your house. The wax color is greenish-brown, just like the crushed plant. The scent is masculine, woodsy, and again very simliar to "WEED" / Marijuana. (You cannot get HIGH off of this scent though) More important, this candle contains actual essential oils from the cannabis plant...so you will get the "real deal." This candle is great for gag-gifts, Holidays, Parties, dorm rooms or for your "Pot-head" friends. This is a true Cannabis scent. *Try the 6 oz. scented tin container too--for a longer-lasting scent. [We also sell this specialized candle in bulk for head shops and will place store's professional label with address/logo onto tin container]

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