It’s a New Year!  Quit the weight-losing plan, stop kidding yourself that you will be a better person for the New Year, and put a halt to finding that perfect mate, because it is NOT going to happen!

Come on…how many resolutions people make for the New Year, and by February the resolutions already have been broken?

Want to improve yourself without investing too much time, effort and money?  Why not try aromatherapy?  Yes!  Lighting fun scented candles and bathing with natural gourmet scented, luxury soaps is all it takes to turn your frown upside-down and knock stress levels off of you.

Visit:, a small New York-based company that offers great aromatherapy candle scents as well as gourmet, luxury natural soap excellent for your mind, body and soul. 

Celebriscents carry fun candle scents like:  “Bobby Dinero” that smells of clean cash money and with its strong money essence, it helps draw money too; “Dancing with the Stargazer Lily,” a sweet candle scent boasting a beautiful flowery scent of a Stargazer flower; “Lady Cranberry Marmalade,” that smells of delicious old-fashioned cranberry marmalade, and “The Hamp-Tins,” a gorgeous, sexy summery scented candle that smells of a rich beach, (Coconut and Lemon Verbena)


Celebriscents celebrates People, Places and Lifestyles through Aromatherapy.  Just reading the names of their scents, and sniffing the candles put a big smile on your face.  Now, that is one step to becoming stress-free.  Check out: and reap the fun and inviting benefits of Aromatherapy, and live a calm stress-free life.