Candles give your home a special feeling; they make it feel homey and warm all at the same time. When you purchase candles, you have many options regarding the form that best suits your needs. Choose from pillar candles, stick candles, tea lights, jar candles and more. Some of the best and most versatile candles, though, are candles that come in reusable containers.

When you burn a candle in a container, you are burning it in the safest environment. These containers contain the melted wax and prevent the candles from tipping. When you look at container candles, look for candles that use reusable containers, as they provide the most options. 

Once your candle is burned all of the way down, remove the remaining wax from the container. Once this is done, you have a brand new vessel for any number of things. Small candle tins make the perfect storage container because they have lids and are small enough to pop in your purse. Store small pieces of jewelry, candies or even special mementos in these tins. 

Glass candle jars make the perfect container for new candles. Use pillar candles in large candle jars, or put a tea light in small glass jars. If you order a candle that comes in an actual drinking glass, whether it be a beer mug or a martini glass, you have the option to clean the glass really well and drink from it.

Make the most of the money you spend on candles by purchasing candles in reusable containers. Whether you choose a candle in a tin to store your favorite things once it has burned or you choose glass to reuse as a candle container, you are making the important choice to recycle. This choice is beneficial for both you and the environment.