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We make beautiful and exquisite customized candles for all celebrations and occasions. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES! Your soothing zodiac candle is 20% OFF** We also sell WHOLESALE!
5 oz. Beer Mug Gel Candle with actual Beer Scent
5 oz. Beer Mug Gel Candle with actual Beer Scent

BEER (Actual Beer Scented Gel Candle)

ONLY $10.00
This classy-looking handsome 5 oz. Beer Mug is the classic and perfect gift for the beer lover. The small beer mug and yellow gel candle has a definitive BEER scent. The scent will fill a small room, and give feeling of a bunch of people having fun and spilling beer all over the place. The mug glass has ridges surrounding the glass as well as gold trim on rim of glass. This Beer Mug is perfect for gifts, parties, gag-gifts and more.
Wow!  This is one genuine beer scent.  Light this candle and there's a frat party in your home.  This is an amazing and favorite candle.  Why not give this beer scented gel candle which lasts more than 20 hours to your favorite beer-drinking uncle, friend or neighbor.  Cheers!