Who said an apple is a great gift for teachers? Well, actually it is. Giving your teacher an apple on the first day of school has been a long time favorite and traditional gift-giving thing to do. An apple represents peace, health, love good nutrition and friendship. Isn’t that what you want with and from your new teacher? Anyway, speaking of apples, why not be contemporary and be that cool person giving your teacher a warm Apple-scented soy candle? It doesn’t have to be an actual apple. Your teacher may even wonder where the heck did you get the apple? And wonder who knows where the apple came from. On top of it, your teacher would not even eat the apple. You are better off eating the apple yourself and just give your teacher a beautiful housewarming or class-warming red, apple-scented soy candle. Trust that your teacher, colleague or classmate will love the candle gift. Get a beautiful apple-scented soy candle from the company that celebrates people, places and lifestyles through aromatherapy. Visit www.Celebriscents .com and check out “The Big Apple” candle…perfect for your back-to-school and gift giving needs. Enjoy!