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We make beautiful and exquisite customized candles for all celebrations and occasions. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES! Your soothing zodiac candle is 20% OFF** We also sell WHOLESALE!

About Celebriscents

As you know, aromatherapy is basically therapy derived by a soothing scent that brings about healing, joy and calmness.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants, or can also be the use of premium, 
quality fragrance oils to restore some healing, enjoyment and soundness, as well as 
for the purpose of altering a person's mood, character, and bring out memorable moments.
Way back when, therapy of the senses was used to cure and heal those in pain whether physically, 
mentally, spiritually or emotionally. Did you know aromatherapy has been used for over 6,000 years? 
Today, Celebriscents' accredited Aromatherapists are here to instill joy, put a smile on your face 
and make your home, office, party or event extra welcoming.
New York-based Celebriscents embraces aromatherapy and provides American made, 
natural aromas containing essential oils, quality premium fragrance oils, 
herbs and organic spices to most of their products.
Celebriscents also offers a pleasing sense of relaxation using unique scents creatively named 
after people, places and lifestyles.

Our candles and gourmet soaps are good for your soul, celebration and relaxation needs. 

With a warm variety of unique, calming offerings to choose from, we are sure you will be 

happy to share the therapeutic joy with your loved ones; friends, family and colleagues.
Allow us to mention we sell retail and wholesale.

Feel free to sniff around the Celebriscents.com website.  We welcome your questions and suggestions here.

**NOTICE:  No Celebrities have endorsed our products.  

Our product names are just a "Play on Words."